Top breaking news

Old newspaper

Let’s recycle old newspaper

Brutal police and gunmen

Exciting but brutal

Citizens are frightened

Traffic police could not handle the traffic jam

We stuck in traffic jam from night till the next morning

Mothers dumped their children cruelly

Who should be responsible when the buildings collapse and people are dead

Should the construction boss or the corrupted government be responsible when building materials are reduced

After the old newspapers be recycled

All become history

But the news never changes and never ends

Do you know you are too stupid

You are really too stupid

Right or wrong

You couldn’t justify

Do you know you are too stupid

You are really stupid

Doubts and wars

Will they stop one day?

Humans are starving in Africa

Look at the pictures

Everyone is starved and left with bones

Journalists are chasing news from Palestine to Cambodia

They could only snap pictures of tanks and machine guns

Westerners start to be afraid because Easterners start to control the trade market

The wars in Iran and Syria happen everyday

Enemies and allias never stop fighting

News comes from how many suffered citizens, gangsters, celebrities, government and leaders

And also the couples, intelligent and ordinary people

Who are dead and wounded, how many are unlucky

Fighting and arguments, genocide, homocide, murderous

In summary, is WAR!

Everyday we read politics, policemen hunt robbers, fighting over power, all are really powerful!

Are you sane or insane?

They steal

They rob

Racial issues

Religious extremists

Is right is wrong is humans’ story?

Or is whatsoever?

What is happening now?

Humans won’t repent

Everyone in the world

Wakey Wakey

Wake up and sleep wake up and sleep

Wake up and sleep

Can we wake up?



We witness wars are everywhere in the world

And who is calming tension of the world

I use my love, kind smile and wink to show you happiness

I use my sweetness to warm your heart, the situation will change, all the leaders will give up fighting and just want to rejoice in peace

I use my kiss and my body as a contribution, cannons and tanks would disappear

The battlefield and the army are also soft-hearted because of me

No more guns and violence no no no no no…

Listen to me and make love not war

The road to peace is paved with love and war is long gone

We don’t want to fight anymore

The army must listen to my legacy

Love and affection are burning

Violents and fire could not spread anymore

The trade war and world war are not seen, not seen anymore

Feelings of romance and tenderness are everywhere, Violence could not spread anymore

Everyone is not fighting anymore because of me

We witness everlasting peace on earth

Love and peace are spreading

Red lips are calming tension of the four seas


When you see the stars in the sky

Would you think of me

Would you remember last time I smiled more than the stars did because of you

When you remember our past experience

How would you feel

Would you sigh for a moment

Would you miss me who ever shined in your heart

I am like the stars in the universe which you love deeply

Let the bright stars ease your pain

When you see the shining stars

Please think of me

When you see the universe full of stars

I beg you to remember me in your heart

Best friend

If I should make a wish

I’d wish for nothing if I could not choose what I desire the most

I am better off heart broken

Let’s sing our heart out

Let’s blow out the beautiful candles

It’s too common that I cannot beg you to love me

I shouldn’t be sad

Maybe there is always someone else who knows how to cherish me

After many years if our love blossoms

You and he will hold hand in hand to wish me happy wholeheartedly

Too bad we are just best friends

Don’t kiss me

I am willing to stand by you

Unfortunately friendship lasts longer than love

And soulmate is too rare

So I have to accept this cruel fact

If only tonight you are with me

Let us talk about who we love the most

If you don’t love me in return

No matter how long is my life

I still cannot find my way

I will find a good person who knows how to love and cherish me

After many years if our love blossoms

You and he will hold hand in hand to wish me happily ever after

If you are my best friend

Just kiss me


Suddenly everywhere was silenced

I stopped at the junction then I couldn’t help but turned around and looked at you again

My eyes were wet and red

It’s difficult for me to hide love and sadness

I didn’t know how to express so much love for you again

I still care about you no matter where am I

There are only endless nights to accompany me when I miss you

Weather on the other side is getting cold

There may be winter storm in the near future

If I could

I don’t want to leave you

I don’t want to

I cannot

I’m not willing to lose you

I just cannot let you go

I hope we could turn things around

We hold hand in hand

We shake hand

We break up

We wave hand and say goodbye

Even though you are on the other side

I shall wait for you for my entire life

Love like magic

When you kissed me on my nose

The radiation was getting out of control

I deliberately messed up your hair

You smiled like a splendid flower

Sometimes I wanted to calm down

But you were crying like a kid in my arms then fell asleep like a doll

Love like magic

Drive me crazy

Let me stuck inside a blackhole

Love like magic

Make me happy

Always make me go crazy

Every sparks of cuddles could almost melt the whole world

You asked me what would happen tomorrow

I said just let it be

We don’t care about the price of anything after we’re in love

What we are feeling now is the most important

Dream lover

Neon lights couldn’t help but shined on the pair in the sixth street

This loving pair took a wefie together

We were against the cold night with our hot kisses

We borrowed the wind to whisper I love you in each other’s ear

How warm was my heart

Even the wind laughed at us

But I shed tears

I had experienced all the broken heart and everything faded

I walk in the sixth street again but I am full of bruises

Then I remember I was here with you that night

We embraced each other

The heart I gave you had lost

Everything was broken and lost

I couldn’t chase anymore

Don’t worry

Don’t worry baby

Twinkle twinkle little star

You left me alone in the wind in the dark with tears

Everyday I miss the days when we were together

Twinkle twinkle little star

Don’t leave me alone in the dark in the wind to wave goodbye with tears

The happiness those days

The joy

Never, never come again

Everything has been lost

I can’t chase anymore

Everything has been lost