Seasons of love

Autumn should be complete if you were still around

Autumn is cool and beautiful

The late autumn fulfills my dreams

As the fallen leaves knock on my window

I think of you again

Winter should be complete if you were still around

Our future is still bright no matter how grey is the winter sky

We sit and discuss our future plans

We won’t care about the cold weather and we write our poems

We could meet in this planet and live our beautiful life

How lucky am I?

Nobody like you who always crosses my mind

I have no doubt

This world is so amazing

Summer should be complete if you were still around

The sun kisses our skin so hot just like our passionate love

A sweaty couple laughs and sings

We could meet in this planet is our fate

How blessed am I?

Even if we have to be apart in the end

But you will always stay in my heart

Spring should be complete if you were still around

Love blossoms in spring always

You expand my imagination just like spring

So I wrote this poem for you

The one that got away

We are ONE

Heaven’s doorbell is rang

His life is full of sighs

Born with black skin

Means he must fight for his life

In the war of color

In the process of fighting for equality

Years and months go by

Time also takes away what we once had

We are tired of inequality but we are still hopeful

Can we stand as one

Can we not set boundaries based on skin colors

Let’s forget about the color of each other

I hope there is no inequality on this land

Rainbow is beautiful

Because the colors stand as one

I believe we can change the future

It starts with you and I

Light up my heart

Everyone is fighting a battle in their life

There are happy or sad moments in life

Time goes by

You always touch my heart

I am able to survive many sleepless nights and obstacles

Just because I believe there is someone who blesses me every day and night

Only you can change my life

Please show me the way

Please light up my heart

I feel hopeful when you hold my hands

I feel loved when you are in my heart

Your smile is my sunshine

Please ease my pain

Please lighten my burden

I always think about you no matter where am I

I’m not afraid of dark when you are by my side

Please light up my path

The journey of life

Passengers come and go in this journey of life

No matter how close we keep them

One day everyone has to leave

Who knows about the other side?

Everyone wears a mask

Are you Saint, Human or Lucifer?

We won’t know what happen in the future which makes it interesting

Somehow our choice can affect the future

I hope we make the world a better place

We cannot predict the disaster somehow

We cannot even predict love

Can you save someone’s life today

By doing good

Fill your heart with love

I hope your life is so full of love

And you are so happy

That you wish to live 1000 years and that’s not enough

Somehow my life is filled with sadness at times

And I know that I cannot carry everything to another world except my sins

No matter happy or sad

It’s just a temporary feeling

I should have known that the colorful world is dangerous sometimes

I could walk the wrong path at times

And make the wrong decisions

However I will grow up and be stronger after every failure

The universe is big

Who judge me good or bad?

Sometimes my life is so miserable

1000 seconds are too much for me to live

But I understand that I won’t live forever

No matter happy or sad

I cannot dwell on it forever

Just enjoy life

See you next station

You always listened to my problems

You knew all my secrets

You were there for me 24/7

Even though we just knew each other online

The time I felt like giving up

You always cheered me up

The romantic and magical moments were gone like dust

The heartbroken rain

The faded light

Cut my heart into pieces

You lived the best you could

Until the end of time

The night someone took you away

To a better place

I could not hold back my tears anymore

Goodbye darling

Goodbye my love

See you next station

I bid farewell to you even though i couldn’t let go of you yet

I will always miss you

Goodbye darling

Goodbye my love

See you when I get there

I’d let the dark cover all my sadness and helplessness

Until the dawn

I will always remember what you advised me

Live well till the end of time

Just as you did

Jules and Jim

We are not famous

We are just Jules and Jim

How ordinary are we

Maybe we have met you all in the streets another day

If we are called John and Joe

Are we feeling closer to each other?

Jackson may fall in love

Jordan could not be heartbroken?

How common are we?

Actually you are too

No matter how typical are Michael and Tom but they are fighting for life too

No matter how worthless we seem but we still leave a legacy

Sam and Willy can be heroes too

Men like you and I are more than billions out there

Even our name exists on the road sign

But we are still unique

Peter or Robert has their own stories too

George and Ken wish to live a life as interesting as a novel

One day

Jules and Jim’s never give up spirit will live in the heart of many

I hope your never give up like them too

God’s plan

I’m too tired to stand alone

And carry the world on my shoulder alone

So I have decided to let it be

Let God plan for my future

Let Him decide my future

If I can live long and prosper

I am happy

If my time is up

And God wants to take my life

I am okay with it

I rely on God to decide my future

I’m too tired to worry about my future all the time and feel unhappy

I pray to God to give me the best possible outcome

And I accept all His plans

I just cannot fight alone anymore

Dear God

Please help me

I feel relieved to rely on Him