God bless us

The journey is bad

Maybe we are not used to it

It’s not too late to change our thinking

While the devil hasn’t ripped us apart

Life is at it’s worst

Everything is rough and tough

No matter how they harm us

We are strong when God is with us

We should not be afraid of anything

While we live on this earth

No matter how asshole are they

I and you are uniquely beautiful

The moon is blue

It still gives us signs when we lose direction

Our world is blue

God still gives us hopes when we are depressed

We win others

At the same time we lose something

Road block is nothing when we are happy and optimistic

We still can swear to the sky after we have been through earth and hell that

God bless us

It’s only because we are still fighters to fight against evil in this world era

Even though I’m not a Prophet

I’m still confident that

God bless us

Because we are still brave to keep living through hell

We may be each other’s angel

People who love themselves are actually Moses the Prophet

As long as we keep fighting and never give up


Same old place

Cold rain pours on my shoulder

Every inch rain is like a sharp knife

I’m heading towards an unknown future

The depressing street lights are shining on me

Lovers are passing by me

Whispering loving words under the umbrella

The lonely street lights are staring at me

Your face appears in my mind

I wish our sweet memories repeat

Do you still remember every night I was waiting for you in this flower shop

But you are already gone and leave me alone

Still the same old place with the same situation

I’m waiting for you alone at this flower shop under the rain

I still wait for you forever but you are gone and never appear again

I recall all the sweet conversations and tender love last time we had

Did you know that

My heart is broken

Throw away my raincoat

Let me die in the rain

Nobody gets out alive

Sometimes I wonder no matter how successful we are, no matter how enjoyable we are, no matter how poor we are or how rich we are, no matter how suffer we are, no matter how sad we are, no matter how happy we are, no matter what we do in life, there’s one fact I know is nobody gets out alive. So why so serious? Life is just temporary and life is just an illusion anyhow.

People always live as if they are going to live forever. People work most of the time and be serious most of the time. People strive hard to earn more money. People spend all of their lives chasing paper that cannot be eaten nor drink. Sometimes I wonder why life is not a party since it’s so short and temporary. Why make life a burden to live? Everyone is feeling so stressful instead of enjoyable.

I like to remember no matter what happens to me life is just temporary and nobody gets out alive. I always break the rules and people think that I’m abnormal and incapable to survive but who cares. Everyone dies and nobody survives in the end. Even if I am a failure, even if I go broke, even if I lose everything in life but who doesn’t lose everything in the end including life? I don’t want to be serious, I don’t want to be normal. I’m just a passenger in this route called life. I may as well enjoy the views and experience until I reach the destination and the final destination is death.

Nobody gets out alive. Experience life and die. That’s all.

Being a good person is hard sometimes

I always want to be a good person but sometimes people take advantage of me, some people don’t feel grateful of my kindness, some people leave me alone after I help them. It happens time over time.

Nowadays I noticed that people refused to be good people. It’s sad that society turned out this way. The world seems to be getting worse. I open news channel and could always read the negative news. Somewhat nowadays it’s difficult to know somebody’s motive, whether they really need help or are they scammers. It takes some time to think even when we want to do good. Sometimes I really feel depressed thinking about that. What about humanity? What about those unfortunate people? Is there still God to watch over us?

The world seems to be getting more evil. Some people are selfish now. Most people keep stuff, money etc. to themselves and refuse to give. I remember when I was alone last time and had nothing in my pocket, I begged for one dollar but noone wanted to help me. I even met a theft during that time and lost my phone.

Sometimes I really wonder should I be a good person or a selfish person. A few years ago I never doubt that. I used to be good always. Recently I struggle a lot with these two options. I started to become selfish. I refused to give. I was losing my faith. I tried to become an atheist. I didn’t believe anymore in life after death. I became a realistic person. I was not happy nor sad. I didn’t have feeling. Was it good or bad?

Anyhow I still believe there are still good people out there and the world needs more people like that. I must continue being a good person to make the world a better place. I must not lose my passion to heal the world even though the world seems harsh. I hope you too. Let’s make the world a better place for many generations to come. Let’s restore the humanity. Let’s be kind to each other.

Anything but ordinary

Sometimes I wonder is it good to dream big to become rich, change the world or become famous etc. Yes it sounds really good but sometimes I wonder the higher we climb the greater the pain if we fall. It takes excessive stress to reach the goals too. It may sound negative but ain’t that the truth.

Anyhow I also wonder if everyone refuses to become big and nobody is there to transform the world then we won’t have evolution.

My mother always wants me to be just an ordinary person. Even I wished to study at the university she disagreed. I started to know why. Maybe because health is the most important afterall. After health happiness is the second most important or they are equally important. Money is not really important for someone who always lives within my means. Money always comes when I need it. Maybe I’m too naive to think like that because my friends used to warn me that I would have a lot of money troubles when I’m older. I wonder is that true because I always manage my budget well and live within my means. I don’t smoke, drink nor gamble.

In my previous post I mentioned that I wished to make a difference in the world. Sometimes I don’t tolerate ordinary life. I wish to be someone that help many people out there and make great impact. Anyhow I think deeper and find out that I actually did help many people out there and make great impact in the world. With my every smile, kind gestures, kind words, my downfall but still keeping myself alive. I’m already an inspiration to the world. I believe God doesn’t wish me to show off my good deeds to the world yet He pays off them all the time in a mysterious way. I just as well help one person at a time like the famous starfish story. I cannot save the world but I save the world of someone by doing one act of kindness everyday.

Majority people think a great job is a job with high pay and good career path. I used to think that too but now I think differently. I want a job with low stress because I don’t want to pay my health with my salary later. I may sound not ambitious but my ambition is not to become as high position as possible or earn much money. My ambition is how I could make the world a better place. How my act of kindness may impact people’s lives. How I’m being there for someone in need. How I inspire people despite being unwell sometimes.

Refuse to fit in the society and Stand out

I refuse to fit in and always think how to stand out of the crowd to be different. I don’t really want to work a 9 – 5 job or a 8 hours job till the end of my time. That’s why I’m thinking and looking for a creative idea.

I find that European people are especially creative in this term. I met a friend who was from Germany, he was selling E books all the time on his own website and traveled around the world. Another friend of mine from the UK traveled around the world and worked everywhere with working Visa. One more person I knew sold out all her properties. After that she was traveling around the cities and doing house chores, babysitting and charity work for others in exchange for free food everyday. I quite envy them because they did things out of the normal society would do. They were living out of the box and refused to fit in the society.

Sometimes I’m not really sure how they could make it. Sometimes I wonder maybe because they are from rich countries? Or they are just merely creative people. I have many brilliant ideas in my head actually but I am just not sure how to begin with and continue when I face obstacles and doubts. Sometimes when I face doubts I would start thinking it’s not a plan meant for me. Perhaps I should try and fail than never try at all. Sometimes I just don’t have enough courage to do all those things imagined in my head because I don’t see success coming. Success doesn’t mean earning a lot of money for me anyway. Success for me is making a difference in the world. That is the most important. Nowadays it’s digital world. We can do everything online and make a difference in digital world without having to travel to every corner of the world to make a difference. Therefore money is actually just for food and some daily needs which I think God and the universe would always provide us. I don’t need a fancy car and house anyway. I have all I need already so I just focus on making a difference in people’s lives moreover the world.

Have you ever wonder how you would make a difference in the world? Have you ever wonder how to live life in a way nobody ever did before? Have you ever wonder how to stand out of the crowd and be so different that will be remembered as an unique individual? I do all the time.

Homelessness alert

I always wonder how could people go broke and homeless. Usually people would say because they didn’t work hard while they were young.

I think they are still many factors out there. Maybe they didn’t live within their means. They were in so much debts, car loan, housing loan etc. So when they lose their job they lose everything as well.

I always feel sympathize for homeless people. At the same time, I don’t want to become like that so I must plan for my future.

I must save money for emergencies, live within my means, I should not go broke trying to look rich. I should learn some skills so I always secure a job even if anything happens to me. I also must take care of my health so I won’t get so sick. I must be kind and help people more so I can get good karma and always feel good.

If I have the opportunity I must help the less fortunate people out there and make a difference in the world because that really means a lot.

Anyhow I doubt that some people really deal with their circumstances because they never think for their future. They never plan for their financial, they involved in gambling etc. They never save some money. They didn’t work hard. They didn’t live within their means. They were unkind to people. They didn’t take good care of their health etc.

Anyway I hope people won’t give up in life. There are always hopes as long as we are alive. Just try better next time.