You made me happy before

I looked at you

You looked at me

I looked at you staring back at me which touched my heart deeply

You already made me too happy before

There’s pain in this happiness

I knew in my heart that I was doing wrong

I should have known this love had no good ending

You sparkle the love in my heart

Who knew how silly was I

The watery eyes balls

Kept attracting me like electricity

Your smile was like alcohol

Once I saw it I couldn’t be in peace anymore

I looked at you from far apart

Smiling and walking past me

I understood that our love won’t blossom

You accept me

You reject me

I will always write love poetry about you


The ruler of earth

What I think would just happen another day

My life is a mess

I’m a loser

I’m a sicko

But one thing I’m sure is

I’m strong and undefeated

I’m immortal

I will never die

Everything’s gonna be alright

Everything’s gonna be just fine

It’s gonna be a good good life

That’s what my Father say

I have people all around the world to support me

Everyone is bound to help me

As long as I never give up

My life will only get better

I’m here to make a difference

I’m here to make the world a better place

As I’m the ruler of earth

So are you

A dark side story

Dino was a 6 feets tall, body builder with muscles and a very manly plus handsome look. He was gifted with such impressive looks and romantic character. He was perfect in every girl’s eyes. He had no problem in love at all. Everyone wanted to be his love…

Everyone thought his life was perfect but everyone’s got a dark side. He was born with hiv positive by his parents. He was indeed a perfect guy with a beautiful soul which he never wished to have sex with anybody so he won’t transmit anybody his illness.

He started to avoid people at all cost and lived on his own. Until one day he met a guy named Mike. Mike was a very caring friend and always be there for Dino.

Dino tried to push Mike out but he always returned.

One day Dino told Mike about his hiv status. Mike just smiled and asked :’ will you love me if I am the same?’

Dino answered :’ yes I will. ‘

Mike replied :’ yes I am the same born with hiv. ‘

They promised to be there for each other till the end of time and there is no end…

Atheists’ confession to God

In the beginning I felt His arms surrounded me

I smiled and thought He was my world

I was the weakest in the world so I needed Him

No matter reality or dream I was controlled by Him every second

I always seeked His guidance but I didn’t realize I was being dumb and I didn’t believe in myself

I thank Him for giving me courage

I thank Him for letting me know the ending

I have to leave Him in the end

Losing Him only I realised that I didn’t need His arms to make me feel warm and I won’t blame anyone

Last time I used to depend too much on Him to rid my life difficulties and made me felt better

Who knows today I am alone and I still can survive

If I feel everywhere is cold I just wear my jacket and live on

Last time I felt His presence

I never liked freedom

I owned the world by just being with Him

Who knows today I have only my both hands to wipe my own tears

No matter how long He loves me I have to fly alone in the end

I’m only human…

I thank Him for loving me no more

I thank myself for being independent

Losing Him makes me stronger anyhow

I’m back

Hello all I’m back again to continue writing blogs after I disappeared for quite some time. I disappeared because I tried to find a full time job and work long term but only I found out that I couldn’t make it due to my many health issues.

Now I accept that I am so sick and concentrate on doing what I want instead of what I have to do. I blog, I enjoy life, I read, I write, I travel within my city, I do whatever I want to do to enjoy while I can. Isn’t that better? We don’t live to work I guess. There’s so much things to do other than working a full time job. Even though everyone tends to expect me to work a full time job hardly but I just can’t.

I hope humans would invent something for vulnerable people to find money other than a full time job so there will be more callings for us in our daily life and everyone would feel useful but not miserable.

I’m back to blog as much as I can. Please support thanks. Heh.

Loving you my crush

I like you

I simply wish to like you

I don’t wish to have you forever

I have you

or I may not have you

I also appreciate this show alone

I have a loving character to act

I will act intensely

I like you

I like you deeply

I borrow some ideas from you

to make myself happy

I don’t know if I don’t like you

how would I manage my boring day

I have a crush

so I am lucky

Don’t bother about me

All of you don’t bother about me

I don’t involve anyone else in my show

I just enjoy this show about me and her

I heard that if I like you very much

My brain would release more endorphins

Even though the world seems ugly

but inside my heart is beautiful

I don’t need to spend honeymoon with anyone

I like you that’s why I like you

Cotton candy melts inside my mouth

Only me understand the feelings

I can’t predict how is our ending

Wonderful is how I like you

How sweet do I feel when I am looking at you secretly

I have my love

I don’t have to confess it to you

Good or bad

even God doesn’t have to care

Just like an entertainment

Falling in love is my own right

even if checkmate at the end

It’s not a waste of time

After all I’m so entertained

How can I hate you by that

I like you

I simply wish to like you

I don’t wish to have you forever

I have a crush

that’s my luck and blessing